Meet Owlbot <(OvO)>

The government of Lerowlia is delighted of being able to inform you of OwlBot, a Discord bot made by in part by government officials and members of the public. OwlBot was made as a way for when the real OwlMan is offline, so you can make fun of the bot when the flesh version is asleep, drunk, or both!

OwlBot's prime reason of being is to bring joy to you, and anyone can use this bot, all you need to do is simply use one of the simple commands for the bot, and it should... should respond...

Sadly, the bot is only on the Lerowlia Discord server, so if you want to harass the bot, you need to join that server.

List of commands

>ping . . . . This will show if the bot is online
>help . . . . Will link to this sexy page
>emojis . . . . Will spit out all of the current custom emojies in the server
>send [text] . . . . Will make the bot say whatever you just said
>piss . . . . Truly only the best of commands


A user on the server is able to change the colour of their screen name, to see all of the colours, use the >colour command, if not, them here are the colours...

01. Light Red
02. Red
03. Satan Red
04. Deep Orange (the coward's way out)
05. Orange
06. Brown
07. Piss Yellow
08. Yellow (Yellow)
09. Light Yellow (Light Yellow)
10. Lime (Lime)
11. Mint Green (Mint Green)
12. Light Green (Light Green)
13. Green
14. Tree Green
15. Aquamarine
16. Teal
17. Cyan
18. Pastel Cyan (Pastel Cyan)
19. Light Blue
20. Discord Blue
21. Blue
22. Navy Blue
23. Indigo
24. Deep Purple
25. Purple
26. Mauve
27. Magenta
28. Hot Pink
29. Pink
30. Pastel Pink (Pastel Pink)
31. Ivory (Ivory)
32. White (White)
33. Light Gray
34. Blue Gray
35. Gray
36. Black
37. Invisible

If you have any ideas for commands, please feel free to suggest a few.


OwlBot would not be possible without the help from many people

Randy Asui... Idea/Programming

Clive "James" Python... Programming

Heather of wastebin... Programming

{>,>}  [@.@]
/)_)   [__[|
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