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2019-09-11: Owlbot IRL 2019-08-29: The live action version of my fursona Randy, its a bit creepy 2018-09-09: (Warning: Animated gif) Animated edit test, published as a welcome image for my site 2018-08-24: A simple illustration inspired by the works of Japanese artist Osamu Sato 2018-08-18: Ripped vinyl 2018-06-29: 1997 2018-03-30: Two soulmates 2018-03-24: Hotline Miami version of Felix Ferret fursona 2018-03-22: Someday... 2018-03-21: Join me to see the tomorrow 2018-03-18: Hotline Miami version of Tsuyu Asui 2018-03-14: The Crystal Ship 2017-10-03: Microsoft Froppy 2017-08-13: King Dedede 2017-06-02: Dededewave 2017-03-??: Tsuyuwave 2017-01-15: TEH LEROY OS 2 2016-11-16: Enjoy the Windows 95 Experience 2016-07-23: First logo 2016-10-06: Fuzzy Pickles 2015-11-??: Angry 2015-09-13: TEH LEROY OS

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