Dream Journal

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If you wonder what this is about, all this is about dreams and that's all you need to know about them.
The dates are the dates in which I get back to reality, and then I write what I remember.
Dreams happen to me and I can not control them.

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January 2020

• 2020-01-06: I had a nightmare about visiting a site called jai.com and ended fucking up my computer, putting the windows XP OS but more shit, with a black background with some texts that says the virus name, and that it only had the Internet explorer as a program but for each website I visited it opened windows with creepy content

Note: Actually I recreated the site on NeoCities, but without the popups and dangerous craps, you can check it here (It may crash your browser once you try to close the tab).

December 2019

• 2019-12-01: I just had a dream where it was literally like this

November 2019

• 2019-11-29: I was supposedly in a mall that looked a lot like my university, and I had traveled thousands of kilometers here just because I knew that for some reason C███ was going to give a concert at the mall. She was in a photo session with the fans, there was even a mascot of her fursona. when I take a picture with her, I lift my middle finger to the camera and I said "Say (Insert n-word here)" or something like that, then she leaves the place desperate, someone shout "OMG ITS RANDYYY", m███████ arrives and kicks me out of the place while I'm shouting "SHUT UP BULBMER SHUT UP BULBMER"

• 2019-11-17: OwlMan sends me a video on DMS, which had a Buzz Lightyear commercial with scary furby screamers.

October 2019

• 2019-10-25: I was in university and I just saw physics class, when I remembered that in a few minutes I had math class, and I knew that the teacher was going to put me a special test because she hates me, but I didn't want to miss the class either. For some reason I had very long and silky hair, so it occurred to me to put on makeup, put on a dress and look like a pretty girl with the intention of looking like someone else, when I entered, the teacher never came, I was disappointed that I rip off my dress and everything and apparently I became normal with the clothes and the look I was wearing before. Then I realized that I had left my backpack in the classroom where I was in the physics class, when I came around the room was a mess and I found my backpack, but I had nothing inside, all my books and my school supplies were missing, in the floor could only find a notebook of mine and a pencil sharpener. I saw nearby that a boy was done the same but it was that they ripped all the sheets of a notebookfilled drawings, this tells me that it was the cleaning lady who did all of this. A guy with a katana sword arrives and wanted to stab me with that, when he attacks me I stop all attacks with the same hands and then bend the sword as if it were rubber, and throw it out the window. The guy screams Noooooooooooooo while the sword slowly falls, then the sword start to return and it becomes a bag of popcorn, and the guy screams upside down oooooooooooooN

September 2019

• 2019-09-26: While I was trying to get on sleep, a phrase that said "The British cannot say a few words" went through my mind and I got scared and got up for no reason. Then, I went back to sleep and I dreamed that I was on an empty road, running and collecting like a kind of magic cards (one of the cards mentioned Bytemoth for some reason), in a platform world, I realize that there was no electricity in that world. After a while, the electricity arrives because I arrive in front of a shopping center and the power arrives, by chance my mother was there parked in her car and I ask her to take me home, and then that I wake up.I fall asleep again and wake up outside the house, apparently it was 5 in the morning and I brought a pillow, blanket and a small mattress in the hallway of the gate of the house, then I see that a light bulb looked on in the neighbor's house, and that also in our house, I was so excited that I ran to pick up my things and get inside, then I wake up again.

I was going to try to sleep again, and before dreaming again, in my mind I saw the image of the first related dream, but the pre-dream suggested that I can dream it in new "Jelly" graphics (I guess it would be in HD 4K but they had very flashy colorful colors), it was there that I got up. In this day, I had so many related dreams (I had a lot of trouble for sleeping), that even in one of these, I even saw Mordecai and Rigby saying ooooooh when the electricity came

• 2019-09-21: I just have a dream where Joker from Persona 5 looked like this this

• 2019-09-19: I went to an unknown building, and met Will Smith there, I found him walking and I said hi and we talked while we walked (He spoke Spanish very well) and ge told me that the new men in black movie fucking sucks and that in 2021 he would premiere the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reboot on Netflix, and he will be the same protagonist., then he stole a car and left. The dream was so complex that there was a part where it looked like I was going to wake up, but I had willpower and kept sleeping, then I went to a part where I was in a garden, but there was a lot of Japanese vending machines, in some they sold Tsuyu Asui plushes (Too bad I couldn't get them out of the dream world).

August 2019

• 2019-08-29: I was in an ice maze (Or I think it was a freezer..) when all the enemies were dead, then I reached another ice maze, but there were many enemies and I had no weapons, so I opened the console and put "god" and "give all" and I kill them all, I was running very fast because I wanted to go out and there were many enemies, when I stumbled on a wall, and on that wall there was a window with a creamy cake, that cake falls and Benson appears and he yells at Mordecai and Rigby because he think they knocked down the cake, then Skips arrives with a tray with what looks like it is full of something that looks like fried arepas, but it is really a fictional fruit similar to potatoes, but fried cut and bigger

• 2019-08-23: Don't remember the dream context, but had this as background song. I swear I woke up at 3 in the morning and I was laughing so hard for that.

• 2019-08-22: I was inside a DOOM 2 wad, which was full of Jojo references, it turns out that in one part, I climbed between two trees and in each one I drew a different character: In the first tree I drew a friend's fursona, and in the second tree drew a hippie mouse that had the same color palette as the fursona of the first.

• 2019-08-04: I just had a dream where they sell this

July 2019

• 2019-07-13: I was playing a pokemon game for mobile, I had already easily caught a shiny Groudon and then I went into battle with an SCP creature that looks like a very tall quadruped entity with a disfigured face and very thin legs as if they were stick. It was invincible, but the only weakness was that if the legs touched the ground, they relaxed and it was easy to hit it there. When I defeated it, I woke up from sleep, but I could not move and I was in a side position, I see on my left a strange figure of a mannequin that looks like the robot from the movie I robot, who looks at me with a very tetric expression, and a phrase passes through my head that says "Those who bother the elect, will be terrified".

• 2019-07-06: I was with my mom in the car, and in a parking lot I see the director of my old high school, she complains that I never pay 7 months of fees since it was a private school that I went, I get off the car and I went to a shopping center, which was almost empty and there was no electricity or air conditioning. Walking through one of the corridors and seeing the many shops that they have, I pass by and I noticed something that called my attention. One of the stores had a stuffed plush of my fursona, I had lost it after walking a few meters, when I wanted to go back to that store, there was an explosion and the mall was set on fire. A man in a cowboy suit tried to shoot me, I tried to dodge him by jumping towards a wall, but I could not got it and the bullet grazed one side of my body, hurting my left arm.

Juny 2019

• 2019-06-02: The dream had no image, but I heard something about Stutymaich (probably called too stutymaich, estutimaich, stutimaych or stuty maige). In that dream I had heard that Stutymaich was the new innovation in technology that was going to overtake computers, but I have no idea how it works, even had it own song.

May 2019

• 2019-05-30: I went to a cyber cafe that looked like an abandoned and empty clinic or office, I sat in front of one of the computers, and the computer had Windows 99, when I opened, it began to blink black and white very quickly that I had to cover my eyes and leave from there, then I was very hungry and I went to a very small restaurant, or rather a diner-like local called "Trump German: The Trump Show", that even had Donald Trump face in the logo.

• 2019-05-04: I had this sad dream where I was in a mall (I always have dreams related with shopping centers and supermarkets) and I see Tsuyu Asui (AKA Frog Girl) a few meters from me, I was very excited because she really existed in real life and when I wanted to give her a hug, she ran away from me terrified.

April 2019

• 2019-04-04: I was browsing Neocities, when I realized that wastebin moved to its own domain, which was "wastebin.com". The site itself was all blue and had a pixelated appearance, but was beautiful, had many buttons on top that led to different parts of the site and had too many things. I was curious to see other sites in my own dream, so I went to the page where all the buttons were, I see that the buttons of other people's sites were in the same section, except for mine which for some reason she put it where the memes buttons are :(

Anyway, I see that punchy had 2 sites, the original and another that was called "Mia", I enter and when it loads, both I and my eyes could not perfectly describe that radical change, from how from a rainbow vomit to a very neat website (It's not personal opinion, the site was too different from what she could do). Apparently, she as an artist has improved too much and decided to open a site where she could upload exclusively a lot of her drawings. The site has a not very common presentation but fascinating for some reason, on the left side of the screen was shown as background a drawing of some OC that punchy made and on the right side was a menu that showed all the drawings and those were shown next left when clicked.

February 2019

• 2019-02-14: I was on an infiltration mission on an island in the pacific called akuxh naux, and I had to disarm a bomb that the North Korean army had planned to launch (I must stop playing so much Metal Gear..). The colonel calls me by codec that I had to be careful what they are called furmen, that they were mutant creatures that are the cross of different animals and human genes, and have a sexual appetite for everything. When I was going to enter a house, I found Tails from Sonic The Hedgehog sitting in a computer (Literally), when I got close, he turned around and then pulled down the pants he did not have, and then immediately takes out his stand and try to beat me the fuck up like ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora and then throws an arrow that hits me in the arm.

The next scene is passed as if it were some Japanese commercial, the logo of Square Enix appears and then I appear in an open field while the Chocobo song plays in the background, a fat woman with an egg costume appears and runs everywhere and I have to throw eggs at her, when I run out the eggs, she disappear and I do not remember the rest of the dream.

December 2018

• 2018-12-10: I was in the parking lot of a small shopping center, I saw a family get out of a van and when I opened the door of the van, I found Nintendo 64 and Gamecube controls, for no reason I stole them. While I was walking, a man with long hair and a purple suit approached me, he was hurried and offered me a small toy piano for sale, I was going to buy it for no reason but the man suddenly changed his mind and He went running to another part. Then I see that in a part of the shopping center there was a disturbance and it seems that people were fighting, the reason was that they were looking for the same man before because the toy piano that he had was a gift from his wife and he did not appreciate it and he was looking for a way to sell it to buy more drugs and alcohol. The riots were so big that people went crazy and started looting the stores, I wanted to take a Nintendo Switch from a closed store next door and then I broke the glass door, when I enter, I got lost in a two-dimensional world that looked like Super Mario World and I could never get out of there.

• 2018-12-09: I have no memories of how it started or was the dream, but I remember a part where I was seeing a bush and suddenly I get a very ugly jumpscare-ish face that scares me and wakes me up.

November 2018

• 2018-11-11: I dreamed that I was in a fight tournament with Stands, and most of the competitors were primary school children, I won them very easily and annihilated them and every time I said "Ora Ora Ora Ora", their brains flew everywhere (LOL I'm sorry for have a such weird and obscure dream).
Then I appear in a supermarket and I see that a product catches my attention, it was a strange sauce that combined wheat flour, cornstarch, corn syrup and apples, I open the bottle and it did not smell, but if it tasted very good, it was similar at an apple pie, it was too cheap but I left my wallet in the highest part of the city, so I go for it, but I get off the supermarket and I realize that I take the sauce with me, the alarm sounds and many policemen they come to chase me for stealing it, and I go running to look for my wallet, then I grab a skateboard and Kick Buttowski's theme song started to sound while I'm in a hurry, when I go down, some thugs approach me, for some reason I freeze the dream and I reverse the situation by magic and the dream is over.

• 2018-11-08: I dreamed that I was 8 years old. My stepfather comes home from a trip to Mexico, and he brings me a package with many Splatoon action figures. I was so happy and excited that I went to the other side of the street, and I started to unpack them and play with them, then a sandstorm fell and I lost many of the figurines and I hurried to pick up the rest of them.

• 2018-01-07: It was three in the morning and still in university, I'm just leaving the library, it began to snow and turns very cold, then Susie from Deltarune arrives and tells me to help her look for the ghost of a house or else we'll all die, we left the university and the reflection of a house passes in the sky accompanied by a very strange noise, we go inside and a weird bright green door appears right next to the door of the library, upon opening the door, there was the library with all the lights off, Susie enters, the door closes suddenly and disappears, I enter the library in the main door and I see that the Crystal Gems invite me to dinner.

September 2018

• 2018-09-23: I was playing Mario Kart DS. I chose Toad and then I appear in DK pass, the race was everything normal and when I almost reached the finish line in the third lap, I wake up.

• 2018-09-19: I was in the house, and it was noon, on television they said on the news that today was the apocalypse, that Jesus Christ was coming to earth and that stuff. I realize that the day got very hot although there was no sun but the atmosphere was orange, everything melted and burned. The people in the streets instead of running, walks and they made marches with religious chants. I got on a car because I wanted to go see my crush for the last time and I went near some mountains, I saw everything crumble by the extreme heat wave, I stayed to rest in an abandoned motel, I slept and woke up.

• 2018-09-16: I was in a forest and it looked like I was in the land of Ooo, because I met Marceline and she told me that she lost her vampire powers and was trying to jump a very large fence, I managed to jump and opened the door below, I was in Camp Rock and I saw Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers, for some reason I asked them if they had any cat food, and then they gave me a cup with Cat food, then Marcy arrives and kills Nick Jonas and regains his powers. Suddenly the dream changes and I find myself in a very large, orderly and modern room, the voice of GlaDOS is heard saying that I am in Aperture laboratories and then his voice is changed, it was Wheatley who hacked control of the laboratories and tells me to escape and he breaks the wall of the room with another hanging room, i jumped, entered the door on the other room and I'm in a Burger King and there were many people, I ask for a plate of food consisting of a steak beef, rice, french fries and a pumpkin pudding.

• 2018-09-13: I was still in high school, in chemistry class and for some reason I owe almost all the works and exams, because I did not enter classes, the teacher explains that next week will be made projects and with that I can manage to pass the subject, so I decided to do an experiment of a mini nuclear plant, although it is dangerous but I wanted to stand out a lot. When I was doing the project in my room, the door opened and some puppies came in with rage and they were running around my room making a mess, I was very upset and I threw them a Muffet from Undertale plush and they fled. Then I appear inside a resort, I ask a women where I am and she tells me that I am in an archipelago in the north of the country.

• 2018-09-10: I dreamed that it was 1:00 in the early morning, and I was doing my math homework, some drug addicts arrived in front of my house and started throwing things towards the house, and they also brought weapons, one of them activated a lime green lachrymal gas, that forced me to lie on the floor and could not leave my room. Later in the dream, I was in the university. It was 11:00 in the morning and I was going to enter math class with my incomplete homework, the teacher comes and asks for the homeworks and I got rushed to finish it, but he tells me to go to look for it in the afternoon and do the homework quiet now. The class ends early and as I went down the stairs, the electricity goes out and a speaker voice says that "classes will be suspended and the university closes for today", but the worst thing is that I had forgotten my backpack in the classroom and I was already down. The classroom was on the 84th floor, which was the last floor, and I was in a hurry up the stairs and the other teachers scolded me because they were all going down and I was still inside, but still ignored and continued. When I finally arrived at the classroom, I found that my backpack was not there and panicked while a teacher forcefully took me out of the building because there were no classes, while I went down I saw some guys from my classroom who were sitting in the floor of a hall had my backpack and not only that, they also checked it to finish my own homework!! I was quite grateful. Then my mother looks for me in her car at the exit and while I was in the car, next to the street there was another car where it was driving Daft Punk and they started singing a remix of the song "You Are Dead".

• 2018-09-09: I was in a place that looked like it was taken from a game of the Nintendo DS (possibly SM64DS), but it was like a rocky valley, I met two animu girls from Touhou and they wanted to kill me and they tried to attack me, for strange and unknown reason I became giant and I crushed them, then a group of warriors with swords arrived and also I crushed them and also I destroyed a mountain that later became a volcano.

August 2018

• 2018-08-27: I dreamed I was in a rap battle with two Parappas and the moose lady that appears in the game.

• 2018-08-22: I was emptying my room because we were moving to a beautiful house that seemed futuristic, which electricity was not going and was close to everything, when I went to the new house to bring the things, suddenly I see a supermarket that was outside of place and that its location with real life is not true and entered because I see that there are many people as if there was something very interesting. I realize that in 2013 the supermarket was burned and kept closed at this time with the air and electricity always on, that when they opened it again because they were going to demolish it, they saw that some things seemed intact and because despite the long time and it is possible that many foods and products are already expired, they did not want to throw them away and it was decided that people take everything for free regardless of their status. The supermarket looked as if the crisis had never affected it, except that because of its abandonment it was like the labs in Portal 2, my family and I were like crazy checking the expiration date of each thing, but almost everything expired in the 2016, the only thing I could find that was in good condition was the honey and some tortillas. Nature invaded the place that by the section of vegetables and fruits grew a gigantic tree, and there were many cracks, and by the section of cereals they found the corpse of a man, which scared the people. It is also possible that the environment attracted animals, because in a corridor I saw several rats and a dead toad, because they could not survive the cold extreme that it had.

• 2018-08-13: I was in the parking lot of a bakery that is near my house and was with my family, suddenly a man came and said he opened a bank, two streets from here and a lot of people to hear that they lined up and followed the Sir, we also. I thought it would be the typical bank with glass, ATMs and chairs, but when we arrived it looked like a bar, it was literally a bar, but it also worked as a bank, and when I got to the line my math teacher sent me a text saying that prepares for the exam tomorrow, I answer that "I'm sleeping let me continue with the dream", when I get first in line, the cashier was the same teacher and refuses to attend and leaves saying "wake up".

July 2018

• 2018-07-29: I was in the amusement park with my crush. She was wearing a beautiful dress, she looked very beautiful. When we lined up to ride the wheel of fortune, I saw the characters of Boku No Hero Academy in the line as well, but they looked very strange, who I remember more is the frog girl Tsuyu, who looked like this and she shaked my hand with her tongue.

May 2018

• 2018-05-09: I was in a room where the walls and the floor were sky and there were endless doors, I came into one and I found a room where, according to the dream, it exhibit things and objects that were "never invented", but in my opinion looked like a museum of SCP (on the floor it was lying a piano keyboard connected to some cables in the walls and ceiling, another thing was a metal jar that had written "Honey of fear"). It was empty when I came, but the more I went inside, that shit got bigger, it ended up becoming a supermarket and mall hybrid, there were and sold rare products,I wanted to see more and I got into an elevator, I was inside there was a lady who had a victorian dress and also Terry Crews, the whole elevator was made of gold and diamonds embedded, on one side it was all full of buttons, the lady asked me what floor I was going to and I answered that because I want to know more about the place and she press one at random and I wait 15 minutes for the damn elevator to stop, when It stopped I found myself on a track outside, with a starry night atmosphere and changed colors, when I wanted to see, I saw a red Sonic running and speaking Japanese and for some reason I became a blue Knuckles and I went to chase it while It was playing in the background a cover of the song Numb - Linkin Park made by Crush40 and that shit already seemed a level of Sonic Adventure 2, I fell off the track and died, I revived and I was back on the track but coming to a town with cartoonish houses, I hit cars that had shit physics.

April 2018

• 2018-04-08: I dreamed that Valve launched a Team Fortress 2 spin-off called "Team Fortress Turbo." Basically, it was a racing game with thematic of the series, which included most of the maps of the game as race tracks and also not only the nine classes as characters, you could also play with other characters from Valve games, such as Gordon Freeman , Chell, among others.

• 2018-04-06: I was watching TV, and I see that they released Boku no Hero Academia on the Disney XD channel in Latin Spanish dub, but the voice dubbing was very bad, Tsuyu Asui's voice was awful.

• 2018-04-05: I was in a mall in an Arabian country, and I was looking for bathrooms, I found them but they did not allow me to enter because there are only bathrooms for Muslims. Then they told me that in a store where they sell plants, in a corner there is a bathroom for non-Muslims, when I went there they were not the bathroom, it had accumulated many people in that area, there seemed to be something. When I see, apparently behind the shelves there was open a small hall, a portal in time that according to the year 2024 in the future. There was a guy who took advantage of a glitch in time and used the portal to clone things, like a bag of marshmallows and there was another man, which looked a lot like Doc Brown from Back to the Future, and also its counterpart in the time behind the portal. As it was seen, it was admired many explosions and they were at war.

Later, I dreamed about GTA III but with aliens.

• 2018-04-04: Since I settled in the jungle, near the sea, I have not stopped thinking about many things, especially some details with which I am concerned now, both on the real world and in the mental world. Explain: A few months ago I was traveling with my family whose destiny I do not remember, we were in a van and as I wanted some breeze, I sat in the back, it was very relaxing. And why do I start like that? I've been anxious lately, for certain things... And at least the trip and the wind helps me to calm down. I had fallen asleep and woke up in a shopping center, but apparently it was very empty, it was three floors, something so big and very few people, almost everything was closed and turned off, minus the lights, the air conditioning and the watchers that still they fulfill their duty, despite how empty the shopping center is. A child approached me; he seemed like an orphan, i gave him some coins, but I realized that it was not for food, but to spend them in the arcade of the mall, I said no, and I suggested that it would be better to raise enough money, either with some work, for food, school and a computer, so that he does not try his luck again with his pockets, and suggested that when he buys it, he will download the Grezzo 2, which he will surely have fun with that game. To tell the truth and for some reason, that child became very well known to me, I felt that I had spoken to him before... At a distance, I saw that someone called him the attention that he named that game, it was Dross, he asked me things for that game and I answered one of them, which did not seem to disturb me but I was surprised, Dross disappears because of what I said and started looking for the child, because there was something that makes me familiar. From afar, I could see that someone was calling me, apparently I was a doctor, I had a small stand in the mall and did free mental checks, that is, with a machine that analyzed the brain waves and printed the results in graphics, the He offered me to try and cheer me up. Then he showed me the results. It was normal but my anxiety levels were high, the doctor asked me why and refused to tell him. I asked him if he had seen a child who was dressed in rags, and with a face of fear told me that a few minutes before he came to get a checkup too, the boy seemed frightened, terrified and depressed, as if he had seen something, the child told the doctor to keep the results, it was the "proof of the future" and he wanted to forget it. I told his doctor that I wanted to see what came out, and he certainly showed it to me... I regret it, I really regret too much of having seen it, since then have not stopped thinking about that image... Then... I wake up like nothing; it's 6 in the morning, I go to the kitchen to have a glass of water and go back to bed... Someone opens the door.

March 2018

• 2018-03-08: I dreamed that Nintendo released a Super Smash Bros for Switch, PC and smartphones, but the thing is that it was Free to Play. The characters of the SSB4 were unlockable including DLC, but you could pay additional skins, the alternate attacks, the possibility of using the taunts of other characters and new final smashes, and you could trade with other users and create a mini economy there.

Note: It was a premonitory dream, later that day Nintendo would give a Direct where they would announce Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Switch console.

February 2018

• 2018-02-27: I dreamed that Salo (a extinct Chilean company of cards, toys and collectibles) released in 2012 an album of cards of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, even spent a commercial where they dubbed Dio and Jotaro in Latin Spanish.

• 2018-02-22: I dreamed that many video game studios like Konami, Namco and Ubisoft, as well as indie developers, all came together to create a single studio and create the sequel to Cuphead, full of cameos and things. Even Rockstar made the music of the game, the songs seemed versions of La Vida es una Lenteja And for some reason, the creator of the Fairly Oddparents was in charge of the art of the game. It was like a 3d platform with photorealistic textures and cartoon characters, but there were not the main characters, but rather, that you controlled the pulentos (AKA chilean Gorillaz).

• 2018-02-22: I dreamed that they found a lost Kirby game never released for SNES (or maybe it was a bootleg.) called Kirby Star Challenge. The story is that King Dedede finds a magic rubik cube, that when solving it, a genius appears and the king desires to have all the food of Dreamland, and then, the genie gives dark magic and King Dedede absorbs everything Dreamland to the magic cube, even to himself. Kirby was at home about to enjoy his cake, when he realizes that suddenly his cake disappears from nowhere and opens the curtains and realizes that it is not in Dreamland, but in a totally different world called Dareland and the only way to get out is by playing and passing the different challenges of the malevolent genius (the game is single player and multiplayer). As far as I remember, the game was like 3d, of course with sprites in 2d, it was like Doom and it used a super-enhanced version of the SFX Chip FX. The story mode was that you had to go through a series of challenges (or mini-games) in an order until you reach the final boss, something like the Classic mode of Smash but longer. I only remember some. One was that you had to go through a labyrinth full of snakes without being bitten (Even though I discovered a bug, there is a possibility that if you die for a snake, the next restart will take you half of the story mode) Another one that I remember and this was like 2.5d, was that you had to roll over a mountain of snow while jumping over the obstacles. The bad thing is that once you lose all your lives, you will have to repeat everything again, and there is not even to recharge health and lives. The multiplayer mode was like a prototype of Mario Party, has a total of 6 stages and they are all in 3d, you can choose between 8 characters (it is for 4 people.) but there were many things changed, for example, there was a box where you can steal all the stars to a player if you challenge him to a mini-game and win, if not, vice versa. To choose the minigame, there were three modes: Random, by vote, and King mode (whoever has more stars chooses the minigame).

• 2018-02-12: I dreamed that my family and I were traveling, in the places we have never known in the city, I thought I was lost. Then we saw a hardware store to buy DIY things for the house, because they were going to get very expensive. The hardware store was in a park, near the coast of the city, and ahead there was a gigantic parking lot full of cars, although I only saw in the dream, my family, the vendors, snakes, mice (because the park was jungle-ish) and a pet ferret that my mom brought for a walk. Then my mother called me out of the store to see something in the sky, near some buildings, a plane flew between them, then it was that the plane suddenly turned to crash in the park, and my mother shouted at all they left and we all left fast running and screaming, running all over the parking lot, and when there was the explosion we all went flying and I was also on top of a car, the dream turned black and I was trying to wake up, I opened my eyes and saw a light and some voices and shadows, of men with gowns and masks and they had surgical instruments in their hands, they said something that I was waking up and that I applied more anesthesia, I felt a prick in my left arm and I fell asleep immediately and woke up now.

December 2017

• 2017-12-29: It was a lucid dream. I dreamed that there was a computer that put the options of the dream and there was an option to be able to think inside the dream, something very deep and then I activated it and it appeared as in an empty shopping center and I felt that someone was chasing me, I've found an enemy of mine, who is a gay furry guy, but he was very fat, he did not have skin and he was all destroyed and he looked like the Boomer from Left 4 Dead. He wanted to harass me and chase mee and wake up and I do not know how I fell asleep again... I began to dream that I was somewhere else, but the same guy was still there!!! I do not know if it really woke up or was still there, but I think I lost it when I got to the part of the dream where I was in a restaurant, and then I woke up and then, I knew I was awake but I could not move for a long second or I could scream. And then I recovered the movement and I went to wet my hair so that I could lose my sleep once and for all.

• 2017-12-27: I dreamed that Nintendo with Blizzard released a splatoon title for PC called Splatoon Inkvasion and had tanks, pets, things that are bought with microtransactions and hats, it was F2P. Also had DLC in which you could have Mario with Fludd from SMSS and the TF2 characters.

October 2017

• 2017-10-14: I was in a field that was behind the house, it was the rubble of the old house where I lived and some workers were cleaning the same, my grandfather found some paintings on the floor, one of those was the painting of a girl who seemed alien and I looked at it so fixedly that I started to hear ugly noises and everything was glitched. After that, I woke up but could not move my body nor could breathe, I was aware of reality but I still heard ugly noises and the image of the girl appeared in the vision. I got into the dream again, and Carl from Jimmy Neutron came out doing a T-Pose while he moved and singing "Good Morning", then his face and his arms flew away while it sounded more ugly noises and passed glitched images, after that I was able to wake up.

September 2017

• 2017-09-13: I was at night in the city, and I was in a GTA (because you could see the icons and statistics) and so, I approached what looked like a gigantic stage blocking the road and there was Jesse and Joy in concert in front of a disinterested audience , but the girl was fat and the other was emo goth darks, and they were singing this. Then as the dream teleported me to a convenience store and in fact there were very cool things there and that possibly does not exist in real life, what I remember more is that they're selling maruchan that had promotion of Super Mario Odyssey (they have Mario Peach and Bowser in the box.) and the maruchan in a package came as a gift with a Bowser plush with a suit and hat. Also, they had of those machines dispenser of toys, but the figurines were characters of the game Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.

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